Thursday, March 20, 2008

Revolutionary War Patriot Soldiers


Revolutionary War Patriot Soldiers

If you have an ancestor that was a Revolutionary War Patriot there is a good chance that you will now be able to find out information on him from original source documents.

For many years if you thought your ancestor might have been a Revolutionary War Patriot then you used to have to first find out from an index if his Revolutionary War Military Service Record or his Revolutionary War Pension File might exist at the National Archives. Then you had to fill out a form and send in a $40 fee for each file and pray that you would get lucky and be able to obtain a photocopy of some of the important papers from either file.

Now with the modern age of computers and the Internet, you can find that information out almost immediately, and you can even see extremely high quality digital scans of the original source documents. Thanks to a company named Footnote you may do a free search to see if records exist, and then for a small annual fee you may even download each and every piece of paper from the Revolutionary War Pension File, or of various types of Revolutionary War Service Records.

Footnote has a contract with the National Archives (NARA) to provide these digitized records online, and you can instantly see if the files are the ones you want rather than sending in the $40 fee and perhaps obtaining photocopies of the wrong file.

Genealogy Miscellanea has made arrangements with Footnote to provide our readers with an absolutely Free Trial of 100% use of almost 30 million original documents and they have hundreds of thousands more being added every month.

You will have to register for your 100% Free Trial, but if you are not satisfied in any way, you may cancel at any time during the trial period.

We Love Footnote and they are our favorite resource on the web. We think you will agree.

Give them a try. Check out what is online now.

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Gloria Waldron hukle said...

Today I am remembering Revolutionary War Patriot Soldiers-Reuben Robblee b. l738 at Huntington, Long Island, and his son Thomas Roblee b. l761, at Lanesborough, Mass,Berkshire Co. the surname spelled various ways, in early times Rappelyea, Robblee.
Reuben served as a private in Capt. Barnes Co. (Berkshire Co.) 1777 Sworn in at Lanesborough, Mass. Thomas Robblee served in l779-1780 in Major Coggswell's co. Mass. Both men were ancestral grandfathers-Gloria Waldron Hukle

unyg said...


What a lovely and thoughtful remembrance.

Thank you for posting this here and we encourage others to do so as well.