Monday, March 10, 2008

The National Archives and The Generations Network to Enter into a Contract to Digitize Documents

The National Archives (NARA) is asking for your input regarding the letting of a contract between NARA and The Generations Network (TGN) the parent company of Ancestry.

NARA wants to make a non-exclusive agreement that would allow TGN to digitize certain parts of the holdings at NARA.

There is an existing similar contract with the footnote company that is already in place and footnote has been doing a fabulous job of bringing digitized microfilm online. It has been a real pleasure to read all of the actual pieces of paper that are in an ancestor's "complete" Revolutionary War Pension file.

Another great collection that is already available is the digitized index file cards of the Civil War Pensioners and their widows.

The National Archives is asking for feedback on this proposed arrangement.

Thanks to Dick Eastman for letting us know about this.

You may have a free trial at both of these fine companies by visiting the links provided here.

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