Saturday, June 21, 2008

Donegal, Ireland has Fabulous Genealogy Research Website

From the digital online version of the Donegal News in Donegal Ireland, comes a nice story about a woman named Lindel Buckley, a New Zealander, who went back home to her roots of Donegal from where her great great grandmother had emigrated in 1869.

Lindel has since decided to make Donegal her home, and she has created a fabulous website for genealogical and historical resources regarding Donegal. Please do not take this lightly. It is FABULOUS!

This writer at Genealogy Miscellanea has no ancestral connections to Ireland, but did make a very pleasant vacation trip to Donegal in 2001. Lindel's website makes me feel as though I have gone "home" also. And yes, Ireland is GREEN!

Read the article about Lindel Buckley in the Donegal News.

Visit Lindel's excellent website for Donegal Genealogy.

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