Thursday, January 17, 2008

Native wiki formed, could be very helpful to genealogists.

A new WIKI for Native American and other indigenous people needs your input.

Wikis can be formed by individuals or a group of persons interested in any given subject. This particular one could be of great benefit to anyone seeking information on any of their Native ancestors. This wiki is not just for genealogy. It is sort of a launch pad to many levels of interest in all things Native, current or past.

The Native wiki has many categories, some of which might help in family history research. Those are Anthropology and Archeology, Art & Artisans, Conferences and Events, Crafts & Skills, Genealogy, History, Languages, Law, Libraries & Collections, Museums, News Media, Obituaries, Photography, Reference Materials, Religion and Spirituality, and a great many more. Many (most) of the above mentioned categories that might be of interest to genealogists are still empty. The category is listed, but no one has put any information in the wiki yet.

That’s where you can help. If you know of some good resources, websites, collections, databases, etc., then YOU can help your fellow researchers. Write up a little bit of what you know and enter it into the wiki yourself. You will be helping all future researchers. is well known to many researchers and there is a constant debate on the newsgroups between people that extol the virtues of wikipedia, and of those that say do not use wiki because the data is so easily corrupted.

I will not debate either side of that story with any one. What I would like to say is, that no matter where you find information that might be helpful in your research, that you should never take anything as gospel, (especially if it is in digital media,) and that you as a researcher should take that clue and dig into multiple levels of source documents and resources in order to prove or disprove EVERYTHING!

Give it a try and add some info yourself. It is all free of course.

The Native wiki may be found at

Native American Genetic Testing



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